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The Supportive Anaesthesia Trainee-Lead Audit and Research Network was established in 2015. Our principal aims are:

  1. To establish a national network of anaesthetic trainees who conduct high quality research and audit.
  2. To provide opportunities for all New Zealand anaesthetic trainees to initiate and contribute to research and audit projects.
  3. To allow anaesthetic trainees to continue their involvement in research and audit projects when moving between departments, hospital and regions.
  4. To provide accessible and appropriate training and mentoring in research and audit for anaesthetic trainees.
  5. To develop a sustainable infrastructure that continues beyond the term of any individual trainee or executive committee.
  6. To attract national funding for research and audit work.

Trainee-lead research networks provide opportunities for lasting professional benefits to their membership. We strongly advocate for overcoming the practical challenges posed by multicentre audit and research through collective action and support from experienced researchers within the network. If you are interested in getting involved, then please check out Getting Involved or get in touch via saturnwebsite@gmail.com.

SATURN Projects

Past Projects

Patient-Reported Perioperative Experiences in Anaesthesia in New Zealand (PREM) Study

  • Multicentre, prospective observational cohort study
  • 939 patients recruited nationwide over 5 weeks
  • Currently in data analysis phase

Epidemiology of Critical Care after Surgery (EpiCCS)

  • Trinational observational cohort study
  • 1200 patients recruited across 8 New Zealand centres
  • Currently in data analysis phase
  • Presented by Andrew Wilson at the ANZCA Research Workshop


Upcoming Projects

We are currently open for applications for our next SATURN project. If you have an idea you want to submit for uptake by the research network, please check out our project submission page.


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Executive Committee

Consultant Director

Doug Campbell

Trainee Chairman

Matthew Jenkins

Executive Committee Member

Jonathan Panckhurst

Executive Committee Member

Helen Lindsey

Organisational Committee Member

Robyn Billing

Organisational Committee Member

Clive Fernando

Organisational Committee Member

Gareth Jones

Organisational Committee Member

Jee Young Kim