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Welcome to the Supportive Anaesthesia Trainee aUdit & Research Network!

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The Supportive Anaesthesia Trainee aUdit & Research Network (SATURN) was set up to link anaesthetic trainees and facilitate collaborative working and the conduct of high quality, trainee-led, multi-centred research and audit across New Zealand.
There are a number of barriers for NZ anaesthetic trainees who would like to engage in high-quality audit and research. These barriers vary depending on stage and location of training. Our aim is to level the playing field in terms of access to research infrastructure and knowledge and facilitate a larger number of trainees to get involved in anaesthesia and perioperative medicine audit and research projects.
You don’t! There will be a number of open access resources that will be available to all regardless of whether you are a a member of SATURN. However, if you wish to collaborate on a SATURN project you will need to join to access the study documents.

Being a member of SATURN will also register your interest in getting involved in future projects, as your schedule allows, and will enable us to keep you informed of all the news, educational meetings and new resources as well was upcoming, current and completed projects.

You decide! Not every member will have the time or inclination to contribute to every project. You may wish to participate in data collection for one project, or many. You may wish to take things further and act as site principal investigator or chief investigator.
Starting an audit or research project can be quite daunting. in our experience there are relentless challenges that present themselves along the way. These challenges can easily be navigated with the right guidance and the next project then becomes easier.

A SATURN investigator will have access to more experienced researchers to support your learning about the audit and research processes in New Zealand regardless of physical geographical location.

Ultimately SATURN investigators will be able to work together to produce audit and research results of high-quality that would be more difficult to achieve in isolation. There is also the potential to develop multi-centre projects and create professional links outside of your training area.